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Stop the Spot (NEW FORMULA)

Sweet Face by Rocio

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Stop the Spot (NEW FORMULA)

This product will work to dry out blemishes, clear blemishes, and prevent marks and scaring from blemishes. We recommend you use this nightly on blemishes until they go away. Of course we hope you don’t mess with your blemishes, but if you do, apply this product on your blemish after you’ve messed with it, to keep it clean and also prevent scaring or marks. You may also apply the stop the spot to scabbing over blemishes. .5 oz (that says 1/2 an oz in case it looks like 5oz!)



Jojoba oil-jojoba oil is used in the stop the spot treatment as a career oil to "dilute" the stronger essential oils, but it also has it own benefits.  It will help to regrow new skin if you are scabbing or scarring.

Castor oil-castor oil also acts as a career oil, but has its own benefits! One of the reasons why castor oil is a great addition to a spot treatment is because it helps to dry out the blemish, which will help to clear blemishes and also prevents dark marks from forming!

Tea Tree oil-a lot of you might be familiar with this miracle ingredient!  It prevents and heals acne, keeping your face clean.

Nutmeg oil-the benefits of nutmeg oil are vast!  The ingredient reduces redness, inflammation, and irritation.  

Niaouli oil-very similar to tea tree oil, and works similar as well.  It has a different, stronger scent-similar to Eucalyptus.  It will also help to cure and prevent acne and is added along side the tea tree oil because some people may have skin that reacts better to niaouli oil.

Turmeric oil-it's true that turmeric oil is strong and intense, but I promise it's worth it! Turmeric oil is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiseptic.  It helps to heal and treat acne as long as keeping the redness down, and preventing dark marks and scarring.