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Natural Beauty Collection

Sweet Face by Rocio

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Natural Beauty Collection

The Natural Beauty Collection was created for those with oily skin. This collection will help with acne, marks, scars, and general improvement of skin. The collection comes with a mask/wash in one: Cara Miel, a toner: Tea Tree Toner, a spot treatment: Stop the Spot, and a moisturizer/skin treatment: Soothing Skin treatment. We recommend you use the Cara Miel once a day as a wash, and one to two times a week as a mask left on for 10 minutes. The toner should be used once or twice a day after you’ve washed your face. The Soothing Skin treatment should be used either in the morning or morning and night as your moisturizer following the toner. The stop the spot should be used nightly on any blemishes after you have washed face, toned face, and moisturized face. Please note that as with any skincare, you must look at the ingredients and take caution that you are not allergic to any ingredients. Pregnant women should always consult with their doctor before using new skincare. 

Cara Miel: 

The Cara Miel (which means Honey Face in Spanish) isa favorite among sweet face customers. This products works to clean skin, tighten pores, minimize redness, prevent acne, and heal and prevent dark marks or spots. I recommend this to anyone looking to get rid of skin marks and spots, acne, and maintain a healthy glow. 4oz

Please note that because of the oil of nutmeg and cinnamon, some users may find that this is irritating to their skin. Please try a "test" patch before using. Nutmeg oil may not be suitable for all pregnant women. Please consult with your doctor before using if you are pregnant.

Tea Tree Toner:

This is a toner for the face that includes tea tree oil, lavender oil, glycerin, coconut oil and witch hazel. Tea Tree oil is a renowned essential oil for curing acne and blemishes. This toner will keep your skin clean and clear without stripping your skin from the natural oils it needs. Even oily skin types should not be afraid to use products with oil in them, because not all oils are going to make your skin more oily, or break you out. Coconut oil is anti fungal, and anti bacterial, so it will help clear skin, but also keep skin nourished and smooth. Use this toner for fresh, smooth, soothed, clean, and clear skin. 4oz

Soothing Skin Treatment: This product will work as your moisturizer. It is an oil blend of jojoba oil, coconut oil, rosehip oil, & rose damascena oil. Do not be afraid of using oil if you have oily skin. The oils in Sweet Face product are not the same as the oil your skin produce. The oils we use in the soothing skin treatment are anti bacterial, anti fungal, and nourishing as well. So they will not break you out. Instead it will provide you with a lot of nourishment, while helping to keep blemishes at bay! 30ml

Stop the Spot: This product will work to dry out blemishes, clear blemishes, and prevent marks and scaring from blemishes. We recommend you use this nightly on blemishes until they go away. Of course we hope you don’t mess with your blemishes, but if you do, apply this product on your blemish after you’ve messed with it, to keep it clean and also prevent scaring or marks. jojoba oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, nutmeg oil, niaouli oil, & turmeric oil. .5 oz