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Welcome! My name is Rocío, and you've somehow stumbled onto my page!  Thanks for being here, it means a lot.  All the products I sell I have developed and made myself.  But I wasn't inspired alone.  Many of the products are refined and inspired by old family recipes.  I am Costa Rican and my family grew up in poverty, learning to be resourceful.  So of course, using all resources available, they would create their own beauty "products."  An old avocado was never thrown away!  Growing up in the United States, it was a regular circumstance for my mother to make hair conditioners, face masks, and body treatments, all from items in our fridge. I remember going through the skincare aisles and seeing products that used Papaya, Mango, Avocado, Honey, Coconut, and other ingredients that were familiar to us, and my mother saying "I wish my mom would have been able to make these before everyone else.  We've been doing this forever!"  It always stuck with me.  And one day, when my life had taken a turn, for better or for worse, I thought, "Now is the time.  I know these products work!"  I was tired of seeing women throwing away money on products that just did not work.  I was sick of seeing women feeling bad about themselves and companies taking advantage of them by selling them products that were dangerous! So I took my family recipes to my father, who is a biologist and chemist, and I asked him to help me make them marketable.  It took some time to get the products where they needed to be.  I know they are not the typical products you'll find in your local beauty store.  But I think thats a good thing.  Please, check out what I've got going on.  Give something new a shot.  When you order from Sweet Face you are supporting a young gal's dream!


-Rocío Castillo