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How long will my products take to arrive?

-Products can take anywhere from around 1 week-1 month to arrive. Often times smaller orders are shipped out faster than larger orders, but it depends on what products are on hand. Mostly, products are made to order which is the reasoning for the time it takes to arrive.


Why is the shipping cost the price that it is?

-Most of the products come in thicker glass jars which make for heavier packaging. The shipping costs are calculated through the cost of packing paper, boxes, tape, and the actual USPS shipping costs.

Can I return my products?

-returns and exchanges are no longer available for Sweet Face products. 

What does it mean that these are ALL natural products?

-This is a super important question.  My products are 100% natural which means a lot of different things.  First and foremost its unique and special to provide natural products which rarely is found in cosmetics.  This also means that the products do not contain preservatives or stabilizers.  This means that products left open in moist or humid areas can mold.  It also means that you must use the products with clean hands and always close the lids well after use.  With no stabilizers this means that products can change in consistency due to the level of heat.  

Are there any coupon codes I can use?

 -If there are any available coupon codes they can be found on the homepage.


How do I know what product is right for me?

 -When referring to skincare the best way to figure out what products are right for you is through pure trial and error. But to give you a starting point, generally the products in the Natural Beauty Collection are best suited for oily/non sensitive skin types, the Morning Dew Collection products are best suited for dry/sensitive skin types, and the Skin Perfecting Collection is best suited for combination skin types. These are general “rules” and many customers overlap on the products, but it is a decent place to start. You should ALWAYS do patch tests of any skincare product (from Sweet Face or anywhere else) before using all over the face area.


Do you provide free samples?

 -At this point in time I do not provide free samples. But as Sweet Face continues to grow the closer I can get to offering free samples. For now, keeping the prices low for all natural products doesn't provide me with the opportunity for a lot of expendable income to use for samples.


Where can I email more questions?

-sweetfacebyrocio@yahoo.com for questions, please allow up to 5 business days for responses