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Is your skincare harming the earth?

Rocio Castillo

With the state our environment is in, we are all finding ways to do our part to make the world a better place.  The craziest thing is to find out how our habits are harming our planet, in what seem like the smallest ways.  It was shocking for me to find out about how so many types of skincare are harmful to environment.  I always knew many ingredients in skincare were dangerous for our skin and bodies, which I guess should have been a hint that those same ingredients could be hurtful to our environment.  This is just another reason...

Morning Skincare Routine

Rocio Castillo

All about that SOAP!

Rocio Castillo

The Skin Perfecting Soap is the latest addition to our product list.  This soap was developed for those who love the Skin Perfecting products, but would prefer them without the intense moisture feeling afterward.  The Skin Perfecting Soap contains many of the same ingredients that work for acne, scaring, and redness.  The Skin Perfecting Soap can be used not only for the face, but also the body to on body acne.  If you are new to Sweet Face products it is suggested you start with the Skin Perfecting Soap, using it every evening and following with a toner and a...

All about hair!

Rocio Castillo

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  Daily I look in the mirror, and regret the decision I made to bleach my hair. Last year for the first time I bleached my hair. I wanted to reinvent myself, see someone new and fresh looking back at me in the mirror. Why didn’t I just go on a diet? Or change my makeup looks? It was a bad idea to bleach my hair. I no longer have long locs hanging from my head. But I am getting back there, and swearing to never dye my hair again.   I get a lot of people asking me how to...

Finding a Safe and Effective Moisturizer

Rocio Castillo

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Hello All,It's been some time since I dove in to email you all about skincare in depth.  Today I wanted to break down the importance of moisturizing. One of the questions I get most frequently is how to achieve the glowing, beautiful skin that everyone wants, with and without makeup.  I want to drive home the fact that your moisturizer is one of your most important products in your skincare regimen.  Yes, toners, face washes, masks, and other products are important as well-but nothing like your moisturizer.  Many of the skincare issues we face are a result of using the...