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Rocio Castillo

Often I talk to people with oily skin who claim they don't moisturize or they use oil free moisturizers because they have oily skin.  In theory it makes a lot of sense.  Except this isn't the way your skin works.  The less moisturizer you use on oily skin, the more oil your skin will produce.  Using healthy oils that mimic the oil your skin naturally produces will "trick" your skin into thinking it doesn't need to produce anymore oil.  The skin perfecting nightly treatment is a oil blend I developed for all skin types, especially oily skin. It works because although it is an oil blend, it will minimize the amount of oil that your skin produces.  The fist 2-3 days it might feel weird to use oil on oily skin, but you will become normalized to it.  Oily skin types often make huge mistakes when washing skin with a extreme soap that strips the skin of all oil, and following with a sub par moisturizer which makes the skin have to over produce oil.

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