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Is your skincare harming the earth?

Rocio Castillo

With the state our environment is in, we are all finding ways to do our part to make the world a better place.  The craziest thing is to find out how our habits are harming our planet, in what seem like the smallest ways.  It was shocking for me to find out about how so many types of skincare are harmful to environment.  I always knew many ingredients in skincare were dangerous for our skin and bodies, which I guess should have been a hint that those same ingredients could be hurtful to our environment.  This is just another reason why natural skincare products are so important.  Not only are natural ingredients safer for ourselves and the ones we love, but they are also safer for the world.  While I am sure there are many dangerous ingredients for the environment that we have not yet discovered, there are some that we can avoid at all costs.


So what out there is dangerous that you  might have in your medicine cabinet right now?  Many microbeads in exfoliation products! These microbeads are polyethylene (essentially bits of plastic) meant to provide exfoliation and clean your pores.  Well, not only are they not good for your skin (shocking that bits of plastic meant to scrub your skin wouldn't be, I know), but they aren't good for the environment.  These microbeads cannot be broken down through our sewage system, and in turn remain in our earth's water.  Microbeads can often be eaten by fish who mistake them for eggs, and then in turn those fish may be eaten by us, causing us to ingest those very microbeads that were once on our face!  And believe it or not, but we are not meant to be digesting plastic.  Check out the products that contain these microbeads below (photo from NPR). One thing I found really interesting about the products that contain microbeads is that certain brands (like aveeno) use marketing techniques to get us to connect their product with "natural ingredients."  check out the leaf on the avenue packaging.  This type of marketing strategy isn't by accident.  Tons of research and money goes into how these companies will market their products so that we feel we can trust them.  



The good news is, microbeads are not the only method of exfoliation!  There are SO many ways to exfoliate your skin without harming the environment or yourself.  Look for products with sugar, salt, or different types of seeds.  Sweet Face alone has three products that exfoliate using safe ingredients.  Cara Miel uses cinnamon, Coconut Sugar Scrub uses sugar, and the Skin Perfecting Mask and Skin Perfecting Soap uses poppyseeds.  And Sweet Face is one of many companies that use safe ingredients!  Use code "weloveearth" for 15% your entire order of SAFE skincare!



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