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All about that SOAP!

Rocio Castillo

The Skin Perfecting Soap is the latest addition to our product list.  This soap was developed for those who love the Skin Perfecting products, but would prefer them without the intense moisture feeling afterward.  The Skin Perfecting Soap contains many of the same ingredients that work for acne, scaring, and redness.  The Skin Perfecting Soap can be used not only for the face, but also the body to on body acne.  If you are new to Sweet Face products it is suggested you start with the Skin Perfecting Soap, using it every evening and following with a toner and a moisturizer.  A perfect moisturizer to follow this soap would be the Skin Perfecting Nightly Treatment if you have more oily skin and the Skin Perfecting Milk if you have dry skin.  Both products aim to "perfect" the skin from blemishes, scarring, redness, and aging.  Any feedback from the soap would be awesome!  Please keep in mind our emails have changed.  To contact us regarding ORDERS please email sweetfaceorders@yahoo.com, and to contact us regarding PRODUCTS please email sweetfaceproducts@yahoo.com.  Thank you!


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