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Rocio Castillo


Daily I look in the mirror, and regret the decision I made to bleach my hair. Last year for the first time I bleached my hair. I wanted to reinvent myself, see someone new and fresh looking back at me in the mirror. Why didn’t I just go on a diet? Or change my makeup looks? It was a bad idea to bleach my hair. I no longer have long locs hanging from my head. But I am getting back there, and swearing to never dye my hair again.   I get a lot of people asking me how to get long healthy hair, or just healthy hair, whatever length. And since I am taking my hair care very seriously these days, I thought I would share any knowledge and experience I have about hair and what it takes to achieve beautiful healthy hair.


It seems every hair product promises the same thing-but few deliver.

Companies spend millions of dollars a year to figure out how to manipulate us into buying their products-and it seems they know exactly what it is we want to hear. Is coconut oil all the rage at the moment? Lets put it in every product and play off that! Okay, I am being sarcastic, and coconut oil is great, but we have to be careful about the hair products we spend our hard earned money on. The ingredient list is your best friend. Recently I was perusing my local target beauty aisles and I got awfully excited at all the hair care and hair products with words like “coconut oil” , “argan oil”, “shea butter”, because, well I am a sucker for oils and butters. But upon further glance I found these products had more ingredients I couldn’t pronounce or have never heard of, instead of the ingredient they were marketing so dearly.   “Okay, Rocio, control yourself, not every pretty packaging that promises long locs and natural scents is actually going to work. Step away from the beauty aisle and go home.”   One of the reasons I love natural products is because when I look at the ingredient list I can actually understand what I am reading, and I can research these ingredients to find clear and concise benefits to these ingredients, and truly know if there is evidence of these ingredients actually doing what the product claims.


Healthy hair starts at the scalp.

I love a good all over hair mask.   They help to condition hair, and prevent split ends and damage. But all over hair masks will not help to grow your hair any faster than your hair will grow naturally. Let me repeat. All over hair masks will not help to grow your hair any longer than your hair will grow naturally. Rapid hair growth starts at your hair follicle. Hair is dead, so the hair you already have can be protected, but it is what it is. If you have split ends you can’t cure your split ends, you can only cut them off, and start over. All over hair masks will help to protect your hair and are helpful, and I recommend using them, but do not be fooled by marketing strategies that a hair mask will help grow your hair UNLESS it is marketed as a scalp treatment. Lets say you have a damaged scalp, maybe you are experiencing psoriasis or other common scalp conditions, your skin is not healthy on your scalp, so the hair growing from your scalp will not be strong and thick and healthy. I like to think of it like a garden. If you want healthy, strong plants that grow plentiful and well, you have to have quality soil. The same goes for hair, if you want beautiful strong hair, you want to start with healthy skin. This is why oil and butter blends work so wonderfully for hair growth. They work to take care of the skin, and so healthy hair can grow. If you have an itchy scalp with a lot of flakiness, you probably are experiencing thinning hair or hair that just won’t grow. It’s because you have to treat the skin of your scalp. Scalp treatments can be done as often as you want, and I actually recommend scalp treatments even more than I recommend all over treatments.


Lets take action! How do we put this information to good use?

Alrighty guys, I feel like I briefly, but effectively, went over some good information when it comes to hair care, but I would like to give you examples of how to start your hair care journey.


  • If you use heat on your hair, stop now. Find ways to make your natural hair work for you. Natural Beauty is a current trend, but we can make it a long lasting way of life. Embracing who you are is one of the most beautiful things you can do for yourself.
  • No more coloring. Again, lets focus on our natural selves. Many times, the work and money we put into coloring, heat, making our hair as NON NATURAL as possible, actually leaves us with the worse possible scenario-with no hair at all. (isn’t it funny, we try so hard to be beautiful by conforming to look unlike ourselves, that we ruin what we naturally had-which was so beautiful just the way it was.)
  • Lets get rid of split ends. After you’ve excluded the chemicals and heat from your hair routine, its time to look at your split ends. If you have them, go ahead and make an appointment to cut them off. It will be hard to see your hair go, but it will be worth it in the end. You wouldn’t start a diet with a donught right?
  • Next, limit the amount of times you wash your hair a week. You can start by only washing your hair every other day, and then only three times a week, than twice a week, and hopefully end up to washing once a week. This is how often I wash my hair, just one time a week. At first your hair will be very oily (but this is good!!), this is because you wash it so frequently that your hair has to make up for all those harsh soaps, stripping it of natural oils (that help hair growth), so it needs to over compensate by producing a ton of oil, but as it gets used to not being washed as frequently, it won’t have the need to produce so much oil.
  • You will then want to find a product that will work as a scalp treatment. This is one of the most important things you can do while working to grow your hair. If you have thinning hair, this will be a key component in reviving your hair. I will list the key ingredients to look for in a scalp treatment at the end of this article. A scalp treatment is going to help your scalp rehabilitate to grow you thicker, fuller, stronger hair, faster than you would without a scalp treatment. It is important to apply the scalp treatment carefully and make sure you address all of your scalp in a massaging motion. This will stimulate the hair follicles and help your follicle accept the ingredients better. You may also use a hot treatment. This will further stimulate the follicles, to absorb the product better. I use my Hair Butter (available on shopsweetfacebyrocio.com) twice a week. Once I use it straight out of the jar, and the next time I grab about 2 tablespoons in a microwave safe jar, and microwave it for just about 30 seconds until its warm but not super hot (please if you do this, be careful you do NOT want to burn yourself or your scalp), and massage it all over my scalp. I would love to point out that nothing much is nicer than relaxing on a Sunday evening massaging your scalp with warm oil while watching Netflix. Make this a part of your relaxation, it will make you feel so Ccalmed.   The Hair Butter I make has a very refreshing feeling to it and really feels lovely. Go ahead and leave your scalp treatment over night, or even throughout the next few days. If you hair is oily because of it, I recommend doing a pretty pony tail, or bun hair style.
  • Deep Condition your hair. Now that you have gotten rid of your split ends and you are starting on a new journey for long, thick, beautiful hair, you want to maintain the health in your already dead hair. Does that even make sense? I mean, you have your hair, and its dead, and its not going to change much, but you can protect it by maintaining what you already have. A deep conditioner will do that. There are many deep conditioners on the market, but simplicity is best for this step (if you want to spend money on your hair care, don’t spend money on a deep conditioner, spend the money on a good scalp treatment-that is more important). The Hair Butter I sell can be used as also an all over conditioner as well, and is great for that even though it was designed for the scalp. You can also use something as simple as pure coconut oil. Just put it all over your head and leave on for as long as you can. If you leave it on over night just make sure you don’t ruin your pillows or bedding! This step should be practiced at least twice a week.



The best ingredients (but not limited to)for hair growth and strengthening:

Coconut oil

Lavender oil

Peppermint oil

Rosemary oil

Shea Butter

Jojoba oil

Castor oil

Shea Butter

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  • Hey Rocio! Wondering what’s going on with my order! I ordered 2 months ago! Can you pls reply to me I really need my product! :)


  • Hello Rocio,I have heard great reviews on you’re products.First I would like to congratulate you on you’re success. I admire you for looking out for the people by selling great products at affordable prices.I hope you can help me.I just turned 41 single mother of 4 boys.I have a lot of stress in my life so you can tell in my face.I have lost my glow.I have no pimples thank God but I do have brown spots around my cheek bone area.please advice me in what products to use.and again thank you.GodBless

    janette ortega

  • Hey, I’m looking to purchase some of your items but I’m also concerned about all the posts that I’m seeing on your IG. Are you still shipping items and how long will it take to ship? Thank you!


  • I’ve been waiting on your hair butter to stock on your site….and nothing. When exactly will this be available?


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